Path Planning:

The path planning algorithm used to compute the path (shown in red) is developed for computing long distance paths in complex environments. The algorithm computes optimal paths using A* search on visibility graphs defined over quadtrees…read more.

Trajectory Planning:

We have developed a  trajectory planning algorithm used for the guidance system of the USV operating in the marine environment. The video shows the operation of the USV in a harbor scenario. The USV’s task is to survey the harbor, and yield to the civilian traffic by complying to the rules-of-the-road (COLREGs), i.e., the rules developed by the coast guards for safe operations of the marine vehicles…read more.

Reactive Obstacle Avoidance Planning:

We have developed a reactive trajectory planner used to avoid the civilian traffic. The planner incorporates the full dynamics model of the USV. Also, the planner considers the rules-of-the-road (COLREGs) while avoiding civilian traffic. In the video, the red crosses are the colliding states, the blue crosses are the COLREGs-breaching states, and the green circles are the COLREGs-compliant, and non-colliding states…read more.


Human Robot Collaboration:

The video shows an assembly operation in a hybrid work cell involving three 6-DOF robotic manipulators (UR5) and a human operator. The human operator collaborates with second robot (in center) to finish the assembly task that requires tying an elastic band to hold the spring in place. Also, the human operator helps the first and second robot in resolving its contingencies…read more